Nine Noble Virtues of Odinism

  1. COURAGE: Boldness, bravery, standing up for what you believe in and know is right.
  2. HONESTY: Truth - In all things be trú to yourself and to others.
  3. HONOR: Do as you say and act upon your convictions. "Always" honor your oaths!
  4. TROTH: Loyalty to yourself, family, folk, friends and the Gods & Goddesses.
  5. STRENGTH: Self rule, self mastery, the self control and discipline to govern yourself by your convictions.
  6. HOSPITALITY: To freely share your gifts with others.
  7. INDUSTRIOUSNESS: To work wholeheartedly both hard and intelligently. To keep thinking and growing as a person.
  8. SELF RELIANCE: Free standing. Rely on others as little as possible!
  9. PERSEVERANCE: Don't give up at what you do until you feel it is completed and done well.