When We Were Gods

Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell, 1519-CCG


"To be free, one must follow the way that leads to the place where one dwelt before one was born: The Ancestral Spirit."

-The Code of the Northern Warrior

It would seem these days, that no matter where we cast our gaze, some sort of strife is in evidence wherein religious differences may sum up the heated point of contention... "Holy Wars", either side of the conflict inexorable in ones own, self righteous mind, and no less assured that the very hand of God will favor them, and guide them toward the light of victory; while those who perish in service to this holy endeavor shall reside in God's house of paradise, in the far above heavens!

Indeed, each faction with their respective peoples all have their own concept and name for the aforementioned, all supported by the legends, lore, and sagas of their God(s), and the tribes of folk which supplicate to them.

This position in man's history is not unique to any point, or place in time, for it is an age old boon which has plagued man since his antiquity. Today, in the 21st century, no distinction may be proffered wherefore this troublesome spiritual yoke about man's neck may be considered. One need not conduct a very elaborate survey to discover several nations embroiled in the throes of some holy war, or even on a lesser plane - churches, many of them pledging their allegiance to the same God, in a constant state of disharmony with one another, bordering the very fringes of war, save for the blatant physical violence!

In man's search for the Holy Grail, has man lost sight of what is holy, of what God(s) is?

To answer this query, we must travel back to the only true time of innocence. A time when we existed in our purest form, a form devoid of any physical form of matter, where the sexes of male and female were as of yet, absent! Yes, to understand this enigma we must recall to memory a time of pure consciousness.

Back must we journey, to a metaphysical time of being, a time when we were Gods.

The Greek philosopher and father of metaphysics, Aristotle (384 -322 B.C.), submits that metaphysics is the branch of philosophy which examines the nature of reality, and the relationship between mind and matter. In layman terms, "meta", is the Greek word which describes that which is beyond, or above. And physics, of course refers to our sense of that which is of a physical nature that which may be seen as constructed of matter, something tangible. Hence, 'Metaphysics' would declare and define a study of all things above and beyond the scope of the physical, in this instance - God(s).

"In the beginning, was the word, and the word was God, and God was the word." (Book of John, the Bible) These words offer one peoples version of the beginning.

The various peoples of the world, throughout the scope of man's existence, all have their own version of 'In the beginning'. One example of this point in case is the Norse/Teutonic peoples. According to the Northern Skalds and Poets, whom were vested with awesome responsibility of recording, and preserving the lore, sagas, and accounts of Nordic man's beginning, religion, culture, virtues, and lifestyle, it is declared that, ‘In the beginning’ when there was no earth or sea, nor air, when darkness rested over all, there existed a powerful being called "Allfather", and whatever he willed came to pass. In the center of space, there was, in the morning of time, a great abyss called, "Ginnunga-gap", the cleft of all clefts. To be concise in my rendering of this story of creation, as provided by the Elder Edda, to the North of this great gap was a space of ice, while to the South existed a space of fire. Huge blocks of ice filled the yawning gap from these icy streams which flowed forth from the North, all the while, showers of fiery sparks fell upon the blocks of ice, from the South. Steam arose from the gap in great clouds which encountered the prevailing cold, and was transformed into rime, (hoar frost), and layer by layer, it filled and consumed the central space. It is from this matter, that the very first beings were born forth from... A primal frost giant named "Ymir".

Ymir, seeking food groped about the darkness until he found a great cow named "Audhumla", (the nourisher) her udders provided Ymir with an endless supply of milk. Audhumla herself seeking something to eat, began to lick salt from a great block of ice, the more she licked away at the block, a being became visible from within, it was the first God, now set free by the cow's licks. His name was "Burin (the producer). Meanwhile, Ymir, while sleeping, had begotten a son and a daughter from the perspiration beneath his armpit, his feet produced a six headed giant named "Thrudgelmir", who in turn brought about the giant "Bergelmir", from which all the evil Frost Giants are descended from. When these giants became aware of the existence of Buri, and his son “Börr” (born), whom he had immediately produced, they began waging war against the Gods, hence, the foundation is set for the Nordic peoples wherein the primal concept of the war between good and evil, is in regard, with the Gods representing the forces of good, and the Frost Giants, of course, setting the tone for all of the evil forces.

Börr married the giantess "Bestla", the daughter of Bolthorn (the thorn of evil), who bore him three powerful sons, Odin (spirit), Vili (will), and Ve (holy). These three Gods slew their deadliest foe, Ymir and his kin, only Bergelmir and his wife managed to escape to the confines of the world where they reside in a place called Jotunheim (home of the giants), and here they begat a new race.

Meanwhile, the Æsir Gods, of which Odin was now the Allfather, as he himself was 'Spirit', created the earth with the severed body parts of Ymir, and thereafter did these Æsir Gods create the moon, sun, and stars. Finally, they created the first man and woman, "Ask" (Ash), and "Embla" (Elm), named thus for the trees from which the Gods created them from. (from the Poetic Edda).

One must consider that when Aryan man migrated from their original homeland, in the mountain regions of Iran, in South Western Asia, into the rugged terrain of Northern Europe, he encountered a great many difficulties, and was posed with an entire myriad of new hardships dictated by this new geographical homeland and the circumstances surrounding the unforgiving land.

Hence, the very premise for any accounts thereafter, alluding to the ideals, and beliefs, both culture wise, and religiously, are cultivated and passed down to their descendants, (i.e. the Norse/Teutonic peoples).

That the original homeland of these Aryan peoples, was indeed more hospitable to their way of life, as opposed to their new homeland, so entrenched in the vice like grip of snow and ice, so much of the year, we may certainly derive the battle lines being drawn between the forces of good and evil, (i.e. the Gods from back home, against the Frost Giants of this harsh new land). Anything harsh and non-conducive to their well being was ascribed to the archetype of evil = Frost Giants, while that which was fair and good to them was viewed as good via the archetype of their Gods from their more hospitable home land in Southwestern Asia, hence, the Æsir Gods.

I chose these Norse/Teutonic people, and their primal religious views, to chronicle my study, not inasmuch that I, myself am a member of this race of people, or their ancient religious beliefs, but rather, because I believe these people, in their antiquity, possessed a great understanding of the concept of a metaphysical state of being, a God state of being!

Dr. Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) a Swiss born German philosopher and psych¬iatrist, set much of the basis for the understanding of the ancient Norse/ Teutonic religion of Odinism, when he put forth his theory that we as human beings have a unique "racial memory" far older than the human race itself, living in our subconscious minds and memories. He further s that through understanding this, we are capable of face to face meetings with our Gods, ancestral, and nature spirits': The name for this conceptual theory is, "Meta-genetics".

Karl Maria Wiligut (1866-1946), set forth his own ideal of this concept which he presented in his composition; "Description of the evolution of humanity from the secret tradition of our Asa-Liana Clan of Uiligotis", (the Secret King, by Dr. S.E. Flowers), in which Wiligut proffers the "Seven Epochs of Humanity".

In the first Human epoch, Aithar - beings, (pure spirits) found themselves in constant struggle with the Water-beings, which were taking shape in this same period. They were without gender, neither male, nor female, they simply were spirit. Through a concentration of their will, they achieved a spiritual union with each other.

In the second Human epoch, we see that a great catastrophe occurred, (an Ice age), which formed an air-entity-belt around the earth. The remaining air and water entities 'Solidified' themselves, while remaining in a constant state of struggle with each other, into bisexual beings, (i.e. beings of both male and female gender),'they lived partly on the earth, partly in the water, and they could fly. They propagated themselves - partly by means of incipient mating of 'homogenous souls' among the air and water entities, and had attained the level of Gods, (i.e. creative consciousness), they evolved into beings of knowledge, and from this point on, they could be characterized as the original hermaphrodites.

In the third Human epoch, we learn that the 2nd Human epoch is destroyed by an all consuming fire, followed by yet, another Ice age, the survivors of the second epoch called themselves the "First humans on earth!"

The fourth Human epoch, is an evolving occurrence giving rise to religion, and ultimately to the fifth Human epoch, which is "Now", and religions as they have come to be in our need, or desire as humans, to label them and identify them with the realities which surround us. (It should be noted here that fourth epoch elapses over a period of millennia).  The 6th and 7th Epochs are yet to come, according to Wiligut.

I would submit that Wiligut's representation of the God, Self, in humanity, is not completely without merit.  It is my theory and metaphysical belief, that we all come from a purely spiritual conscious, point of origin, in concert with Dr. Jung's "Meta-genetic" principal; further hence, along that same line of thought, Nordic-Teutonic man in his infancy understood all too well, his place within, and, in accordance with the laws of natural order, not as a mere existence outside of, or beyond those laws of nature. And therein the concept of cause and effect did indeed render these folk, Gods... It must have been a truth which was manifest within the meta-genetic memories of our ancestors, regardless of race, or ethnicity, this would apply to all peoples with regard to their own unique racial memories! Alas, we have long since forfeited that privilege, by perverting what is naturally inherent to us, and our truest understanding of it!

Once the understanding of the divine stream of God(s) consciousness was lost to these people, it became necessary to create gods in the form of matter, the form of man, thus removing God(s) from the truest and purest form of spiritual consciousness, and adopting a more conceivable, understandable form for which man could justify placing his faith in.

Sometime thereafter, there arose shrines to these Gods, and temples as houses in which the spirits of these Gods dwelt in, the need for priests and priestesses soon followed, holy men and women were now required to interpret what the Gods said, meant, or desired. Alas, it was not far to follow before ill designs formed and waxed within the breasts of many a religious holy man, so trusted by folk they professed serve, they saw the might of this new power they did wield over their brethren man. Soon, laws, canons, and rules a plenty, were constructed and implemented in the name of the new Christ God, and the organized church became God, and this new way of expressing God became the State of many nations, and in the tumult of it all, God became dead!
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844 - 1900) a German philosopher, often denounced as an anti Christ, wrote; "When the church has become God, then God has died, hence, God is dead".

Though Christianity was now taking root in most of Europe, circa the 2nd century A.D., or thereabout, the Norse/Teutonic people had no use, or inclination toward the new, meek Christ God. For one thing, it contradicted their entire sense of being based upon overcoming life's hardships and struggles with strength and might, and those not inclined by such virtues of strength and courage, were weak by choice; henceforth, they did not deserve to live free lives as independent men and women.  Instead, they warranted the lives of thralls, (i.e. slaves) by their design of self accepted pity and weakness! This is indeed a Norse/Teutonic concept of trial and worthiness by overcoming hardship and constant strife! Nietzsche had some profound axioms to offer on this point, one of the most popular and in fluid use to this day is; "What does not destroy me, makes me stronger." To further illustrate this point, he penned; "Independence is a privilege reserved for the strong.”

A true and heroic embodiment of this virtue of strength and courage may be found in the historical account of King Odin - whom all the virtues, powers, and adventures of a God were attributed to. (Myths of the Norsemen by H.A. Guerber 1909). King Odin was a Chieftain of the inhabitants of Asia Minor. Threatened with destruction, or slavery at the hands of the Romans, King Odin led his people out of their native land around 70 B.C., were they migrated to Europe. He is said to have conquered Russia, Germany, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, leaving a son on the throne in each conquered country.

As his end drew near, king Odin assembled his followers, and then in public, he cut himself nine times in the breast with his spear, (a death ceremony called "Geir-odds").  He then told them that he was going home to his native land "Asgard"; he then lay down and died. There is indeed record of this very much loved, King Odin, and of his great feats, in the Black Sea area of what is today, Odessa, Ukraine, (the Rites of Odin by Ed Fitch 1990). The ancient lore suggests that great Odin himself was once a man like any other, but by his own search for wisdom, courage, and much work at understanding the primal state of being of folk consciousness, he became master, holy man, priest, king, and ultimately, he attained Godhood!

Perhaps, through this great man's heroic deeds, our ancestors ascribed his name to that of the Allfather. Or, perhaps, he himself, understanding the scheme of things being what they were, in and of natural order and therefore, the laws of cause and effect, was inspired by the voice of Odin - Allfather (the ultimate primal spirit-consciousness). And perhaps, as Dr. Jung had posited, even had a face to face meeting with him, and thus thereafter, understanding that he possessed the spirit of Odin within all along, adopted/ assumed the name and persona of Odin in human form, (matter as opposed to the purely mind/consciousness) as opposed to the purely spiritual form. This would be no more unbelievable than that of Jesus being the flesh embodiment of Yaweh as God.

We have seen, even offered plausible explanations, (as plausible as any other) as to how things have evolved in the religious hierarchy via organized church/ statehood for profit, power and greed. This contributed greatly, if not solely, to the decline of the true God - self relationship in its truest and purest form. So, what then can we do about this malady, which increases ever more with the vast advances of technology? How can we regain this elite understanding and relationship with God(s)?

The answer is simple, though the practice thereafter is not so simple, nor may those whom self accept weakness benefit from the simple answer, any more than those lacking in courageous demeanor…once again, "Ourselves" must become Gods! This is not a comfortable notion for most, nor does it afford any instant reprisals from the fears, or horrors of life's realities! Further more, it will not find a popular audience with the meek sheep like people of the gray masses!

Like Nietzsche's ideal of the Übermensch, or super human, we must shun the inanely, mundane and strive for higher idealism, higher consciousness, hence, higher state of being. We must use the Gods as archetypes, models for which we must base our own actions on, they are our dearest friends, and we are their divine descendants... They are our divine consciousness on a pure and collective level, and one day, each of us shall return to that primal source of our being, but only if we are strong enough to find our way back to it, to do so, is to prepare now by listening to, and heeding the ancestral voice within.

When we look upon the images of our God(s), or enter into their Temples of worship, let us worship them by honoring ourselves, and what is divine within each of us. For that is what they are there for, to remind us about, inspire us to return to a time when we were truly divine, and to a place in the future, where we will once again find that which is divine within us (while we are in the here and now, in the form of physical matter). That we might achieve the required strength and courage to be worthy enough to one day return to the primal God source! If you want to know God(s), then you must endeavor to live your life as a God, for therein lies the truth of man, and God, and of a time when we were Gods!