Walking the Northern Road - Part Two: A Revolution in Thought

Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell, 1519-CCG


What do you suppose mortally wounded Renaissance man? Might contemporary man be discounted wherefore, such an inquiry is at bay? I think not! As sure as Nietzsche’s Zarathustra descried loathsome contempt residing in the minds and hearts of contemporary man of his day, wherefore Ascension is in regard, we too may spy this very same abhorrence in Contemporary man of today.

Renaissance man of auld built and repaired his own home. He hunted and grew his own food with which to provide for his family. He taught and educated his own children. He was lawyer, physician and statesman, all in one. The very virtues of “Self Reliance”, “perseverance” and “industriousness” all come to mind here. Why the mere notion that Renaissance man depend upon some other to tend to “his” needs, would have rendered him ill to his stomach. Any such suggestion that he do so may have brought him to bear arms against such a whelp of a man!

So then, what happened to Renaissance man? Where did he go? And just when did he recede into the memory of a yesterday so far gone now?

Diminished desire for excellence as the standard by which we mark achievement and pronounced interest in supply and demand are the engines which both propelled economic growth at a rapid pace and there in concert with said stimulae, corrupted the majority of man! Money/gold solves every malady, became the new mantra.

Got a sore throat? Don't bother gathering and mixing some lemon, eucalyptus, honey and Sage into a tea. No, call a doctor and pay him to do it. Oh, and be sure that he's a specialist, because specialists killed Renaissance man! Where Renaissance man once tended to all of his own needs, there is a specialist for everything. You know; “the guy”!

Leaky roof? No problemo, friend. Just call the roof guy. Car acting up? Hey, don’t want to get those shiny tools in the garage dirty. No Way, dude! Call the car guy. Satellite dish not getting your favorite channel? Call the dish guy. Kids acting up? Call some one else to deal with it. Sure , just pay some specialists to deal with it. We become a society of “call the guy”, folks! With the exception of the farmer, we've lost our connection with the soil of Mother Jord. All our food comes from the market, so far as we are concerned. We have no respect for our resources! The supermarket will always have food. Right? Right? Why should anyone today, in our morally bankrupt society seek out the arts and sciences when they can just buy this, or that, or pay “some guy” to do it, build it, or provide it for them. Why, here in 21st century Vinland we have gone from a nation of manufactures and builders only 30 years ago, to a nation of packagers and assemblers, all of the goods that used to be produced here, now are produced elsewhere. The corporate moguls get richer because they don't have to pay an American workforce any longer. They just use third world slave labor and pocket the difference. And the more you buy, the more they make. We are “dumbing down” contemporary man!

Do you realize that the number one industry in America is pharmaceuticals? And the largest sector in that industry is “antidepressants”? That’s right. We as an unconcerned society pimp and pander legalized dope to our citizens via an elaborate conspiracy! Big business financers, lawmakers, pharmaceutical laboratories and the American Medical Association and their shrinks, all promote and profit from antidepressants sales. Further exasperating a “deliberately cultivated” mentally ill society. All for profit! But a guy growing and consuming a little bit of the great Goddess is arrested and imprisoned. Dope is dope, legal or not!

So what’s the answer, right? A revolution in the way we think is the answer. We must alter our perception of socially accepted behavior and see it for the pernicious and self defeating reality that it is. We must relearn how to think in terms of healthy behavior, deploy reason and logic, not television commercials and mono culture corporate mogal ads, to arrive at sound decisions on behalf of ourselves and our loved ones.

I'm certainly not even close to being the inventor of the concept for a revolution in thought. Though, I am most certainly, without a doubt, an ardent proponent. And I shall remain adamant, for such is the way out of the stupor that so many suffer.

All peoples have traditions, cultures and heritage which are indigenous to them. Regardless of what folk a person comes from, the indigenous ways of one's own ancestors, up to the point of corruption, had kept their entire lineage healthy and progressing towards ascension. Only when mono culture ideology enters the equation does the calamity begin to unfold. The introduction of foreign and alien concepts usurps their own indigenous way of life that has been familiar to one’s family and kept it flourishing generation after generation, and universalism supplants what was an indigenous plan by the design of nature's laws. The result is the mono culture in which we live. It has replaced all indigenous faiths and heritages with a one size fits all, universal religion and way of life. And anyone who resists and defies thus is branded a racist, a bigot and an anti-social outcast. And sure, such heroic men and women, whatever their folk be are a valid threat to the current promoters of a morally ill society. Smear campaigns and tactics are employed against them. Spin doctors weave their unjust lies to discredit them and turn public opinion against them and in their own favor.

There is a way to correct this malady which is offensive to natural order on so many levels!

For the descendants of the Germanic tribes, the Aryan people, it is the northern road. It’s the same road which our noble ancestors trod prior to the advent of Christianity. For the Native American, it is the Red Road of their ancestors. It is Shinto for the Japanese and for the West African folk - it is Ifa and Yoruba with its Orishas (Gods-spiritual forces) such as Osun, the Goddess of love and marriage. Elegha is the guardian god of the road between the worlds. Oya, is the goddess of wind, justice and the dead. Ohatala - God of Mercy, Purity and spirituality. Sango, God of thunder and fire, the warrior king who is said to be the lion in the bush!

These and other Gods belong exclusively to the West African tribes’ people and their descendents. It is their indigenous birth right to know and honor their noble ancestral faith, free of any interloper’s corruption. Just as it is our inherent right as Aryan folk of the Germanic tribes to commune with our ancient Gods of our noble ancestors without being labeled bigots and racists! The only bigots and racists are those who point the accusatory finger of such at us! It is our birthright to know Odin, All Father and God of wisdom and victory, to say the least. Frigga, Allmother, mother earth by some accounts and goddess of marriage and family; Thor, God of thunder and strength, Tyr, God of self sacrifice for the good of all and just action. Also, there is Freya, goddess of love, beauty, joy, lust and harmony. This is by no means a full account of God functions nor a complete catalog of our beloved gods. I merely seek to illustrate their very reality and nature, albeit rather concisely so, so as to afford a conscious awareness of their reality to you. They have been there near you your entire life and they are now even as you read this. The very notion that the gods of the North have somehow forgotten or abandon us is altogether absurd! Abandonment is a symptom of the human condition and it’s attributed ill quality attached thereto. Our Gods have always been right there awaiting their folk’s return to know true and elder ways. They await your companionship on the northern road. They can heal your sick spirit, your empty and lonely heart and they can teach you how to right a wrong which was perpetrated against you, prior to your own birth!

They will restore the balance and replace the chaos in your life, the unnatural, with harmony of natural order. They seek no slaves for they are no masters over us. They ask not that we bend our knee and bow our head before them. Instead, they seek only to know those whom have descended from them. They demand no blind faith, for they are all about our lives to see in this lifetime! No waiting till we die to know them, or see and experience their presence, glory and reality in own lives. All they ask of us is that we assume accountability for our own life and affairs; that we shun weakness of the mind and spirit. That we exercise reason and logic to render our decisions as opposed to following the heard or abandoning our lives to some pie-in-the-sky blind faith which demands we do not pursue life’s joys in the here and now, for some promise of a better “next” life! Get a grip on reality and embrace the revolution in thought. Place your feet on the road north and start walking brothers and sisters. There is nothing at the old watering hole, except stagnation and disease. Leave the heard and follow the rivers flowing current north…

For there you will sate your thirst and find life renewed, and the rebirth of a new renaissance man.