Walking the Northern Road - Part Three: Love Thy Neighbor-A Genuine Call for Diversity

Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell, 1519-CCG


Today’s monoculture in the Western world not only robs the people who comprise its society of their own indigenous cultures, but it has most who seek to connect with their indigenous cultures often apologizing for it as well. This nonsense is unacceptable to those walking the northern road. We do not offer any apologies for honoring the traditions and Gods of our own ancestors. In fact, to my way of thinking, if anyone owes anyone an apology, at all, it is owed to me and my folk walking the northern road.

By whom you query? How about the United States government to begin with! For systematically raping any folk of their indigenous culture and heritage whether they are native European (Aryan), Native American, African, Asian, etc. There are laws and amendments in theory and doctrine which protect every individual's right to freedom of religion and speech, etc. But in the reality of things as they occur, people are discriminated against and persecuted if they don't go with the flow as it were. This government along with the fundamentalist Christian right have been waging a cultural war on people who subscribe to non-mainstream faiths and philosophies for quite sometime now. I guarantee that if you go into the American prison system you will see a large chasm in the parity of prisoners’ rights between those of mainstream faiths and those of non-mainstream faiths; with very rare exceptions. That is the case.

Yet - the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000, also known as RLUIPA, guarantees parity and protection of religious accommodation to all. The reality is this, a monoculture society or melting pot is much easier for a government to control, profit from and sustain an economy with, then a society of multiple cultures. As we go through life residing in western civilized society, we’re systematically cut off from nature's laws and our own natural desire to function within the parameters of natural order. We are taught to place our trust and support into the inferior laws of man and technology, erroneous though they may be, and not into the superior laws of natural order. Thus, we cut ourselves off from our true selves. We have been robbed via this unnatural process, of so much of who we could and should be. The voices of our ancestors and Gods that our fathers’ fathers were able to describe with ease, are but a jumble of confusing emotional conflictions which are more often than not, contrary to what we have been indoctrinated to believe.

We've been taught to view Goddesses and our women folk as whores and inferior to ourselves rather than as equals. If you think our female ancestors resemble the fair sex of today, you would be sorely incorrect. Some of our ancestral sisters were more able to affectively wield knife and sword than many men today would be. Most men have an ego that demands that they discount such a fact. Such is a prime example of being less than aware and disconnected from the self one should be acquainted with, and would be if one observed and respected the laws of nature.

Nature’s laws dictate that there are no favorites, and no equals among men. The simplicity of nature's decree is that the strong excel and survive, while the weak perish. Yet man's inferior laws would deprive folks of their true and natural peer groups; placing the strong and weak together in the same peer groups and then demand by some constitutional decree, that the strong respect the weak as their equal. This is pernicious ideology and unnaturally absurd. Even more so, it is more often not exasperated by the fact that most of the weak elect to be so by their own volition. For they have within themselves the ability to excel to a greater and naturally more desirable level of strength whereby fortitude and will constitute said strength. They simply elect to remain weak, for their desire has been corrupted in their true nature of self and replaced with a revulsion for the strong individuals, strong enough to stand to erect and proud and resist that which is unnatural in order to survive and thrive.

It is a down breeding technique. And it has succeeded in the main. The detriment of this egregious and systematic state sponsored de-evolution is evident in nearly every quarter of Western civilization today. What happened to the community our elders once knew? They became targets of mass consumerism. Taught to believe every other natural experience was as we encountered them, as a traumatic one. Hey, don’t worry they have a pill for that. Little Jimmy won’t settle down in school and apply himself to his lessons, give him a pill. Traffic accident you witnessed on the way home from work today just too upsetting to get on with your life and out of your mind, don’t worry there’s a pill for that too! Feeling less then your self today? No problem. There’s a pill for that. In fact, there’s a magic pill for everything in today's Western society instead of just assuming accountability for yourself and command over your emotions. This is just one of the many agents responsible for the breakdown in our family units today. It’s the lack of accountability and responsibility for one's own family affairs. When was the last time you sat down to a meal with the entire family? Been awhile, eh? If we do not elicit and encourage stronger and more responsible family ties at home, then why should we expect the members of such families to become assets and contributors to the community in which they live? A community is after all, an extension of family comprised by the sum of collective families which reside within said community. If the overwhelming majority of households in any given community are not healthy in morals and civic duty ethics, then the community itself as a whole will suffer.

Ah, but the corporate moguls get rich. Pharmaceutical magnets profit most of all, and the economy of the nation can always depend upon consumerism to save the day and stimulate the depressed economy. The notion of any true community is repulsive to business moguls and the government. How many of your neighbors do you really know? Where were you when the fellow down the street was robbed and killed last week? Or when the next-door neighbor’s 16-year-old daughter was raped? How aware were you when a car was stolen 30 yards away from your front door? Community? Indeed!

And all the while, the problem continues with no corrected antidote being offered to future generations. The critics of such realities continue to promote such journal slogans such as, “bridging the gap between communities” or “building the communities of tomorrow, one home at a time” or my personal favorite “love thy neighbor”.

First of all, in order to bridge any two communities together you must first have two communities. Next, I shudder at the idea of what the community of tomorrow might resemble in lieu of the communities of today. And finally, love thy neighbor? What the hell does that mean any how?

While it would seem to infer a call for diversity, surely that is not the case in fact at all. Today's Western society may make much fanfare about multicultural and diverse society, I can assure you that it is much to do about nothing. Nothing more than a falsehood anyway. Diversity requires the healthy promotion of unique and diverse cultures and heritages. That is just not the reality of western society’s agenda today which promotes the destruction of any one racial group along with their respective culture and heritage, and seeks to replace it with the universal one.

A one race fits all monoculture – but we’ll expound upon that further, in a later edition of Walking the Northern Road.

Love thy neighbor - indeed! We must first learn to love our own folk, and respect our own culture and heritage before we can even count on courting the notion of respecting another. For none among us may afford any respect to any other if we cannot initially respect thyself and the inherited ways and traditions of our own ancestors.