Walking the Northern Road - Part One: Gjallarhorn: Answering the Call

Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell, 1519-CCG


Political correctness rarely exhibits any respect for the laws of natural order. I therefore submit that any religion which observes the constrictions of political correctness must be spiritually vacant and completely devoid of any validity regarding that which is divine. For certainly that which is divine must exist within the breadth of natural order.

For roughly the past one and a half millennia, Christianity has sought to eradicate and supplant any and every indigenous Tribal religion wherever they have been known to exist. To be sure, these conversions were anything other than benign in the early days of the advent of the Christ faith. Indeed, the contrary is more the instance. The overwhelming majority of them were very violent and even fatal for those whom declined the gift of the new faith. The sheer magnitude of brutality, in fact, dwarfed any of that committed by the Barbarians the Christian Missionaries sought to convert!

Children of those who refused conversion were given unto the Church as mere orphans as though they had been wandering the streets abandoned and alone. This seemingly kind act of benevolent charity is belied by the harsh reality however. These children were little more than chattel and thralls to the church. They were worked to the point far beyond any Third World child slave labor we may descry in the late twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In addition to this deliberate and otherwise criminal lack of welfare, these children, 'Our Ancestors', were often raped by very servants of the Lord Almighty! They were pimped as child prostitutes by the church's own clerics. After these kinder's parents were either imprisoned, or executed, their property and land was stolen by the church and in some instances, given unto the neighbor of good Christian morals, whom had turned in the barbaric, idol worshiping heathens. This of course was not a reward, but more an 'Appointment Officialis', as it were, by the church whereby, the informant... er, I mean, the good Christian citizen, was charged with the duty to cultivate and harvest the Lord's new land and prosper from his benevolence as a reward for keeping the faith, as it were.

Truth is however, in all fairness, every people of every faith in days of auld, have committed atrocities in the name of their God(s) and nothing has changed in the past millennia. For it continues today in several guises as I commit these very words to print upon this paper. Nor is this essay an indictment against the Christian faith. I've known many a good Christian in my lifetime and still do. In fact, if any indictment merits validity against anyone, then it must surly rest with our own folk! Those of Germanic descent; For such an egregious crime perpetrated against our beloved faith could never have occurred were it not for our faith suffering a corrupt spiritual breakdown at the hands of late eleventh century ancestors whose very greed ushered in the new religious era which nearly annihilated our ancient and indigenous faith. However, though these ancestors of ours may have begun and contributed to this plight, they are in no way to be held accountable for the current state of spiritual poverty and moral bankruptcy the Germanic people suffer. That mantle is one which we today must assume. For the truth and its accompanying facts, have long since existed and been available to any seeker of the truth, courageous enough to seek it out. We all did! Those with a sincere desire to unearth the uncorrupted facts of history and the details of their ancestral culture, heritage and traditions needn't look very hard at all. Nor must they accept the inaccurate, revised, politically correct accounts which are not only lax in form wherefore facts are in regard, they are outright lies!

The Watchman of Asgard, the God Heimdall, has been sounding the Gjallarhorn for quite some time now. He has been calling our folk to return to the elder ways of our ancestors. Pointing out the way back home to us like a compass which never fails... Revealing to us, the Northern Road!

The Gjallarhorn is so mighty that its sound may reach into the depths of all worlds and pierce all time. Listen! Can you not hear its mighty blast? Summoning the holy folk to return home and heed what the old Gods of our noble and hearty ancestors have to say to us today. "ODIN LIVES !" And his sacred wisdom, so hard won, is just as valid today as it was 40,000 years ago:

Orth Mér af orthi Orthz leitathi Verk Mér af verki Verks leitathi

One word from a word led me to another word One work from a work led me to another work

- Allfather Odin, the Hávamál 141

We hear tell quite oft in the Odinist/Ásatrú community at large, the world over, of the “Great reawakening, or Revival of the Elder ways of the North’, which in its current incarnation here in Vinland (North America) may be traced back to the late 1960's and early 1970's and the Honorable Drighten, Stephan A. McNallen. A man to which we in the Odinist/Ásatrú community, all owe a great debt of respect to. He is but one sound example of the Gjallarhorn's call penetrating the twentieth century. This reality of Odin and the other Gods/Goddesses' existence made manifest by the very word and work of the Honorable Drighten which have led others to the word and work of Allfather Odin. But the mighty Gjallarhorn's call was heard long before the Honorable Drighten first heard it in the latter part of the 1960's. Scholars and students alike agree on when and where the Gjallarhorn was initially heard in regards to the great reawakening, in some instances and yet they disagree in others. Was it von List, Löns, Rudd-Mills, the Brothers Grimm, Dumézil, Evola? Truth is, no one can say with a complete certainty. Oh sure, we may date the earliest known, but we cannot be certain that he was in fact the first to answer the call and thereafter, endeavor to reawaken the folk to our indigenous Gods and faith. So much has been destroyed and lost to the very ebb and flow of time. All of the aforementioned men have been instrumental in answering the call of the mighty Gjallarhorn and resolving to incite a renewed desire in our folk towards the end of rekindling the sacred flames which leads us back whence we have come, the Northern Road.

So many among us now, McNallen, Thorsson (Flowers), Holly, McVan, Aswynn, Gundarsson, Britta-Titchnell, Moynihan, Wolff and far too many others here among us now, and those gone to the Gods, to catalog in the scope of this space, have all contributed greatly to the great reawakening. Who was first or most recognized now is a moot issue. What is of paramount import is that the great horn continues to sound and that the holy folk which hear it continue to answer it! The morrow will reveal new minds touched by Odin, and new voices and souls to reinforce the ranks of the Living Einherjar. Those ready to divulge truths long hidden, concealed by liars and cowards. Someone perusing these very words will emerge as the next generation's voice. Yes you, quiet and content men and women of today. You shall grow weary and exasperated of the moral decay, lies and spiritual poverty! And you shall hear the mighty blast as its call reaches your inner ear and stirs your soul. Having journeyed some 40,000 years, it will pierce the very barrier which technology has erected between you and the majestic honor of the past. And from you, possessor of stalwart character, will the restless Gods stir within your soul, encouraging, "NO!" Imploring you, to take up your place in service to the Gods and folk of the North. Your courageous brothers and sisters of the new dawn, lurking just beyond the Northern horizon. You will lead our children' children down the Northern Road the way our fathers' fathers once before us did, and we today do. Against all tyranny and all adversaries who would so gayly deprive you and deny you what is yours by birth!

Strength, courage, honor, integrity, nobility and self respect which all accompany the man, or woman strong enough to command one's self and one's life. The ones strong enough to be self reliant and accountable to one's self. The ones strong enough and brave enough to live independent of the mass/heard! “Independence is a privilege reserved for the strong!", so scribed Friedrich Nietzsche. If you would command thy self, then you must wield the Hammer of Thor and swing justly, devoid of the guilt, or yoke of oppression and remorse associated with the ill devised concepts of political correctness. The very vices of misplaced guilt and temporal, albeit, instant gratification are designed to rob you of your birthright, or even harboring any interest in it at all! Leave the heard and think for yourselves... More so, think for the future of your descendants.

TODAY is the day! If you have not already answered the call and begun to walk the Northern Road, then today is the day. Begin right this instance. Within your very blood resides the Folk Soul of our Gods and Ancestors... Everyone whom ever lived before you and everyone who will live after you, in your family lineage. You have it within your DNA, the might and fortitude to ascend the fetters of gray slavery and the thralldom of guilt. Leave behind the Bedouin faith. Leave it in the dry and dusty sands whence it emerged from to enslave Fjorgyn's population! It will never speak to your Northern soul, not truly. It will only fetter your mind with misplaced guilt. That is not living, my brothers and sisters. That is existing. Odinism says "YES" to life!!!

It teaches one to excel and rise up to meet life's challenges, to embrace all of life's joys and hardships and to address them with grit, courage and determination. It is all about the majesty of life and participating in it, not being a mere spectator in your own life. It is about you and me walking the Northern Road in the company of Allfather Odin and the Gods/Goddesses of the Æsir and Vanir. It is about listening to the voice of our Ancestors and honoring the ancient traditions which they left us, by affording our heritage and culture the deference of respect and appreciation which they warrant, devoid of any misplaced guilt placed at our feet by the agents of alien faiths and the spiritually broken minions of political correctness.

Say yes to life and yes to a bright tomorrow for our future the way that it was intended for us by those whom paved the road North with their precious blood and efforts, so that we may walk it today and our kinder tomorrow. Answer the call and Fara meth Odin (Go with Odin)!

"Without the Gods, a soul wanders but is not free." – An Odinist Proverb