Towards Creating the Übermensch

Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell, 1519-CCG

Allsherjargothi, HOLY NATION OF ODIN, INC.

Honky, Cracker, Peckerwood, Wigger. All words/names with demeaning connotations. Honky = Loud mouth, Cracker = the color of soda cracker, Peckerwood = Female genitalia/vagina/ slang: Pussy; Wigger = white nigger. All names/words coined by non-whites with the intended purpose to demean and degrade the recipient of the insult. And yet, so many white men proudly embrace them. Why, many white men in Vinland's Black hole, otherwise called the Corrections System, proudly exhibit these words as badges of honor in ink upon their person. Like many, I once was such a man. So, what's the big deal, right? Wrong! In fact, it is a very big deal in terms of influenc­ing younger generations wherefore the declining nature of Aryan character becomes acceptable as opposed to the natural character of the Aryan to be driven toward ascension in a quest towards creating Nietzsche's Übermensch. We have gone from noble and majestic people whom employed the King's English to Modern English which is a bastardization of what was once a beautiful and melodic cadence of the spoken language. Why, we have gone from embracing the meter of Sir William Shakespeare to emulating the erroneous Ebonics of the likes of Vanilla Ice and Kid Rock! This is NOT ascension... It is decline at a rapid advance.

This pernicious behavior is more than just about some crude and derogative decline in speech. It too sows the seeds of credibility among our youth wherefore espousing cultures which are counter conducive to the upward rise and advance of our people, faith, heritage and cultures are in regard. Consider for a moment, if you will, that in Japan, China and Korea (North and South), the youth, in the main, enthusiastically embrace a love for classical music, the Arts, fine literature and the sciences.

Now contemplate this; In Vinland today an overwhelming sector of white youth are failing miserably in the forum of rudimentary academics. They are emulating African-American youths from the projects and ghettos. Talking, dressing in apparel, getting involved in the substance abuse culture, dropping out of school, whiling the hours away with violent video games and mimicking the content of those games by committing acts of crime, violence and domestic violence as not only acceptable, but glorified behavior! Clearly the antithesis of the normal standard behavior in Asia's youths. Sure, there are always exceptions to the rule. They have troubled youths in Asia. And we certainly have some very bright stars on the rise within our own youth here; albeit, both are the exception to the general rule of the populace climate.

Embracing these ill standards of a monoculture will breed a desire to breed down in society. Someone with little or no education is likely to breed with, and/or marry and breed with someone of the same background. If both of these people in the example are white, then we are breeding dumb whites. If one of them is white and the other is not, which is the most likely scenario, then we are no longer breeding white folks at all... We are breeding the inevitable demise of our race, our faith and our Gods!

So then, what do we do about this state of retardation and decline? Do we take away these video games and anti-Aryan culture music from our youth? No. We set the example for them to follow by living, acting, and speaking in concert with the higher states of mind of Aryan culture. We strive towards creating a higher standard to live by in a concerted effort to bring about the Übermensch. We expose our youth, on a continuum, to the superlative cultures of their Aryan Ancestors. It is never an acceptable practice to identify ill standards and thereafter accept them as normal, nor must it ever become thus, lest we desire to witness the promise, and hope for the future of our faith and folk succumb to a corrosion of the will to survive!

So then, what do you say, Peckerwood? It's only a word, right? Yes. Yes it is. But words lead to actions and actions more oft than not will ultimately substantiate the rise, or fall of a living thing... Say, a folk and its faith. Say, our folk and our faith!

Harvest is the time of "Odin's Ordeal". It is a time for the Sons of Odin, 1519, to search out the depths of their own souls during the nine days and of nights. It is a time of severe introspection regarding just what one is willing to sacrifice in service for the good of our faith and folk, and deep consider­ation of what Allfather Odin had pledged and continues to deliver on to this very day in the lives of those who seek to know his burden and Rúna (mysteries), and even more, those who are bold enough to approach the well and pay the required Fehu (fee) to consume its sacred contents.

The 1st of Harvest is a day sacred to Odin and Frigga, the 9th is a day of remembrance for King Radbod of Frisia, the 17th-25th constitutes the nine days and nights of Odin's Ordeal, and the 25th we celebrate FreyFaxi.

Perform an Odin's Blot and Galdr and meditate upon these Runes: Ansuz ( ), Eihwaz ( ), Elhaz () and Dagaz ().

Perform a Blót for FrayFaxi and Galdr and meditate upon these Runes: Ingwaz (), Jera () and Ehwaz ().

Runic Half months are: 1st-12th () Thurisaz. The 13th-28th, () Ansuz. The 29th-31st () Raidho.

"Where one seeks to understand the nature of Rúna, one must first understand the nature of oneself." -- Casper Odinson Crowell, Ph.D., DD