Old Metal Rings Truest

Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell, 1519-CCG

Allsherjargothi, HOLY NATION OF ODIN, INC.

Odinism/Ásatrú, just as any other religion, suffers its share of fools. Though we do not suffer them gladly, as the old axiom s. We are a faith ripe for the targeting by all of the so called civil rights bigots and racists in addition to the many poison pens of a plethora of ill informed or just outright slanderous journalists.

We do not promote, nor advocate any hatred for any, save for the mono-culture oriented New World Order. Yes folks, it truly does exist. Just look under "World Trade Organization", which has an agenda that despises any folk which fights to maintain its own indigenous culture. For such folks are serious impediments in their world wide plan for a mono-culture society of consumers.

We certainly do not exercise an open door, come one, come all, policy, which by the way, I do not apologize for, nor should I. Albeit, neither do we advocate, nor promote pernicious action towards those we seek to bar from our cultural and ethnic faith, or those whom disagree with our philosophy.

So then, why do you suppose so many seek to continue wasting our time and energy, reserved for spiritual endeavors, on defending who and what we are? Well, for one thing, it does just that... "Keeps us from pursuing our innate spirituality". And if this were to remain the case, than we don't stand much of a chance to grow as a community. And then there is the fact that our current Odinist/Ásatrú community is pregnant with so many conformist interlopers, bent on opening "OUR" folk's spiritual doors to any and all who would just saunter right through them to employ the sacred traditions of our noble faith, as their spiritual flavor of the month!

These conformists ill represent who and what we are about, all the while they point at us and exclaim that we are the ones who pollute our spiritually clean waters which run so Trú from Hvergelmér to Mimir's Well. They apologize publicly and openly for "our" genuine zealous and righteous troth as we wend our ways on along the Northern Road. Most of these folks/conformists are so called warriors in spirit. So who the Hel is going to defend them and their villages while it is being raped? The adversaries so bent on our corruption, which they cow before like some ignoble Thralls employing our noble Gods names! I don't think so! Real warriors serve and defend Trú folk whom practice our noble faith both, undiluted and devoid of either shame or apology. We shall not, this day, nor any other; apologize for who we are, or what we believe! Nor do we advocate harm towards any whom exercise their opinion against us. But make no mistake about it. We have not forgotten what nearly became of our beloved faith a millennium ago and it will not happen again. We are here to stay for as long as our folk are and we will defend ourselves from any and all violence with violence ourselves, as would any reasonable people.

Fogmoon is a month in which we honor those stalwart souls in Valhalla, "The Einherjar" (One Harriers). The very metal they pass onto us, the Living Einherjar, are ancient and rings truest! Sure, our adversaries have what may seem to be an never ending source of means by which they may wage their smear campaigns against us, as well as a battalion, or two of conformists and provocateurs amidst our spiritual community. Albeit, true to the Einherjar spirits which gave their lives for our Gods, folk, and faith. We too can man the ramparts and defend our faith. We can remain Trú to our Gods and courageous in the face of our foes attacks, no matter the score! We must not be measured and found wanting. We must exude the very noble principles and virtues which we profess to love and we must always remain beyond the scope of reproach. We must stand both, together as a legitimate religious community as well as alone as the 'One Harrier' when need arises.

And above all, we must remain true to our Faith and Folk (Note: one's family is a component of one's folk), and live our lives by setting the example of what noble truly means. Only then will our many adversaries see that our survival and advancement is not the threat which they claim it to be, but rather a benefit to an ailing, spiritually poor and morally bankrupt society.

Today, too many 'Fuzzy Bunny' - New age types have ensconced themselves within the greater Odinist/Ásatrú community in an attempt to usurp our sacred and noble traditions, and throw the doors to our Hofs open for all to seek shelter there. We must wrest from these charlatans, any grip which they have estab­lished within our faith and folk community and restore it to its legitimate inheritors, the descendants of our hearty ancestors, those among us willing to fight for and preserve our ancient faith and culture. We have no time, nor room left for self accepted weakness, whiners or politically correct dabblers seeking any outsider's seal of approval! That does not require any genuine conviction at all!!! The morrow does not belong to the meek. But rather to the stalwart and bold souls who would own it, no matter their race, creed, or religion. That is nature's law!

We, the genuine and unabashed Odinists/Ásatrúar are just such a folk. We are they who say "yes" to life and for that we shall not apologize to anyone!

On the 11th of Fogmoon, perform a Blót to the Einherjar Proper. Toast those brave souls in Valhalla during Sumble. Call upon All-Father, victory bringer, to assist you in your own struggle to remain Trú in the face of adversity. Meditate on and Galdr these Runes: Tiwaz (), Sowilo () and Othala ( ).

I remain in service to the Gods and Folk of the HOLY NATION OF ODIN, INC.

In Frith with thee...

"Any self proclaimed warrior can face death while in the host with others... But the truly extraordinary ones embrace it equally alone. We call them Einherjar!" --Dr. Casper Odinson Crowell, Ph.D.