Hof Service Snowmoon/Horning 2268 RE --Piety within Fundamental Odinism

Hof Service Snowmoon/Horning 2268 RE

Piety within Fundamental Odinism


Gð. Casper Odinson Cröwell, PhD, D


Piety: Noun


  1. Reverence and devotion to God(s)
  2. Similar reverence to one's parents and family
  3. A devout act or thought



Pious:  Adjective

            Of or relating to piety, exhibiting piety, devout, devotion.




            Reverent, dutiful, religious, devout, godly.



            There is plenty to say wherefore piety and Fundamental Odinism are in regard albeit, seldom is enough said in concert therewith.

            Many have been the times when I've heard one quip “I used to be an Odinist”, or “So and so, used to be an Odinist”.  But the bald faced and unvarnished truth is that no such person was ever an Odinist!  The fact of the matter is that any such person has simply confused practicing or studying Odinism contra to “Living” Vor Forn Siðr of Odinism.  If one is a genuine Odinist, then one is thus until Odin gathers one up to him.

            Of course, the same is true of any professed adherent of any religious stripe and thereafter the corpus of denominations within said theologies.


            Such lack of piety is most profound within the various sects of Christian theology which is self-evident by the enormity of hypocrisy prent among the adherents thereof.  However, no theology is immune from said malady.  Certainly Odinism has its host of dabblers.  Some are even quite well known.


            One of the oldest lessons of nature's law is that if you keep giving what you always have, then you shall continue to receive what you always have gotten.  Odinic Law dictates that one must commit to willed action toward such ends as one would desire alterations or change.  This law is reflected both in the Rune Sowilo (  ) as well as the laws of nature.


            Such a paradigm is evident in myriad, if not all, theologies as well.  For one to declare that one is an Odinist and then espouse little or no piety therefore, shall reap no different success or victories in their lives then they had prior to such an empty declaration.


            Furthermore, I opine that the crux of oath breaking, when and where it occurs, is the lack of genuine piety.  And I have bore witness to more oath breaking than to oath keeping.  Such souls are usually those who say that they used to be an Odinist.  When indeed, they were never an Odinist!  For their own lack of pious deeds denuded their empty professions of fidelity before Odin and the Goðanum (Gods and Goddesses).  Fundamental Odinism requires an oath-profession of faith.  Such souls have damned themselves as oath breakers.


That I advise you secondly,

that you do not swear an oath

unless-it is truly-kept;

terrible fate-bonds attach

to the oath-breaker;

wretched is the oath-breaker.

- Sigrdrifumal 23


            Meditation upon the realities posited herein, in concert with conducting traditional Blótar and Galdring can assist one in keeping one's feet firmly upon the road north, which will in turn translate to spiritual growth, sustenance and a state of piety towards our Gods and Ancestors in Odin's holy name.


Do you know how to carve,

Do you know how to read,

Do you know how to stain,

Do you know how to test,

Do you know how to ask,

Do you know now to sacrifice,

Do you know how to send,

Do you know how to sluaghter?

- Odin in Hávámal 144***



            Conduct a Blót to Odin and Galdr these Runes:

                                                Ansuz (), Gebo () and Sowilo ().


I remain yours in service and Fraternal solidarity in Odin's reverent and holy name.  Heil Odin!  Megi Goðanum  blessi þig, ok Fara með Odin!

Odin með oss



«Fundamental Odinism is not a religion for the weak, faint hearted or those who lack stalwart and valorous character.  It is not for the politically correct."

            - Gð. Casper Odinson Cröwell, PhD, DD




***Runically speaking, the eight lines which comprise this stanza, equate to the eighth rune Wunjo ().  In this instance, it is indicative of the rune’s wisdom; A life lived in harmony with Odinic Law, (i.e. Nature's Law), is a life blessed with victory by the All-Father Odin.  While a life lived outside of Odinic Law is a life plagued by disharmony and imbalance.



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