Gungnir Vol.2 Issue 4

Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell, 1519-CCG


Heilsan Brothers and Sisters of the HOLY NATION OF ODIN!

May this issue of GUNGNIR find each of you and your’s enjoying sound health, grand spirits and the rich blessings of Allfather Odin and the Gods and Goddesses of the Germanic Tribes in his venerable name.

With this current issue of GUNGNIR you will notice a new format. Do not despair, we are not going anywhere. In fact, quite the contrary! If all continues as planned, Linda will likely retire in 36-60 months and commit full time to the Outreach Ministry of the HOLY NATION OF ODIN, INC., GUNGNIR and all of our satellite projects. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that currently this work is being done by Linda and I alone wherefore compiling content, editing and publishing GUNGNIR is in regard. We are much obliged to all of you who take the time to compose and submit your contributions in the form of essays, articles, poems and artwork. The quality and nature of your submissions (in the main) exhibit a genuine sincerity regarding your faith in Odinism/Odinism, our Gods and our Folk.

In our new format we shall endeavor to provide you with even more “No Nonsense” content regarding our North Folk spirituality and heritage. Gone will be the “Hof Services”, and replaced by Blótar suggestions for the appropriate season tides.

Also, with the beginning of Volume 3, Issue 1, we will no longer be able to afford complementary (free) subscriptions if we are going continue publishing. All the financial burden associated with the HNO, Inc. Outreach Ministry and GUNGNIR is incurred by my wife because she believes in my holy work and what we do together for/with our Kinfolk. Never the less, she has bills to pay of her own on many fronts.

Beginning with the Vol. 3, No. 1, subscription prices will be a donation of $20 per year. An annual subscription will include four (4) issues, published quarterly. If you are incarcerated in the Hole (Ad Seg or SHU) and you are indigent, we will continue to provide you with no cost subscription, providing that you provide us with proof of indigent prisoner status. A current Trust Statement (must be current), will suffice. (Received by Yulemoon (Dec) 15th, 2007). If you are on the mainlines and are indigent, you may be eligible for an indigent subscription depending on certain factors. For instance, if you are the only Odinist where you are located and you provide us with proof that you are without funds, you will receive GUNGNIR at no cost. But if there are say, six Odinists where you are located and five are indigent, only two copies will be provided to you all to share among yourselves.

I would like to comment on the mail which I receive from many on you. I receive a great amount of mail from free world kinfolk in addition to letters from the incarcerated folk. Some is mailed directly to me, while other is downloaded from our websites. It all eventually gets to me and I want you to know that I read ever last letter and message you all, I truly do. I am often touched by the content of your personal letters with their revealing insights to your personal lives as well as the myriad of queries on so many different fronts, both spiritual and personal. And I honestly consider the content of your letters. Some times at great length.

I receive this mail from all over the world and I peruse this mail, when time permits, a couple of things unique occur to me. First is that all over Midgard (earth), our folk are indeed returning to the ways of our ancestors! So many express a genuine interest in our faith, from all walks of life. Many Viking metal bands members write to me, from TRY to EINHERJER and so many others. It is awe inspiring just how many new ones are showing up on our websites all the time!

The other thing which occurred to me is that like myself, many of you are incarcerated and have never seen the internet, just as I never have! And were it not for my wife and partner, Linda, I’d have no idea what effect I/WE are having on our folk the world over. More so, I’d have no idea just how big our faith has gotten all over the world. For so long I thought that Odinists constituted perhaps a few thousand in the world. And you incarcerated folk probably did too. Well Folk, I’m ecstatic to inform you that the numbers of our faith is easily beyond a few thousand! Oh sure, they may call themselves Odinists, or Ásatrúar, or Irminists, Troth, EuroHeathens, Theodish, Norse Pagans, etc., etc… But they are out there. And I thought it important to apprise you of this information. Because you may be one man, or woman, isolated in some dungeon believing you may be the last of your kind… I assure you that you are not. Far from it!

As for all the letters and messages I receive… It will be far from any sort of prompt reply, and in fact, it may be months before you hear back from me, it al all! But I shall endeavor to get back to you just the same. That is the best that I can offer you regarding the mail. And an honest and sincere thank you to each of you. May the Gods bless you all and keep you will during this season of the shades. This is a season of seeking out and enjoying the comfort and company of Kin and Kith. Capitalize upon the reason for the season. Make a mends with family and friends where they are warranted, whether you are on the inside, or in the free world. Remember my kin and kith, that is what our elder ways are all about, Faith, Folk and FAMILY.

Hunting 8th is a day of remembrance for Eirik the Red, with the 9th being a day of remembrance for his son, Leif Eirikson. Then Hunting 13th and 14th the Winter Nights begin, we celebrate the bounty of the harvest and honor Freya and the Disir. Fogmoon 9th is a day of remembrance for Queen Sigrith of Sweden and the 11th is Einherjar Day for all 1519’s as well as the Feast of the Einherjar.

Yulemoon the 8th is Martyr’s Day. This Day is self explanatory and respect and honor are to be afforded to those who gave their lives for both our Faith and Folk, be it in days of yore and antiquity, or post modern era. The 9th is a day of remembrance for Egil Skallagrissson. This was one doughty son of a Northman! His example has much to offer both young and elder alike. The 20th is of course our New Year, “Mother Night”, which begins the Yuletide which shall span the next twelve days and nights, culminating upon the 31st, known as the “Twelfth Night”. The Actual “MidWinter/Solstice” is on the 22nd at 06:08 Universal time. That would be on the 21st at 23:08 in Vinland on the West Coast and on the 22nd at 01:08 on the East Coast. For us of the HNO the new year 2258 Runic Era (RE) occurs at sunset (16:47) on the 20th, Mother Night, or 19:47 if you reside on the East Coast. Appropriate steps for HNO, Inc. Blótar appears in this issue. Blót should, of course, be conducted as one sees fit at any time one feels so inspired to supplicate, albeit, all dates provided are appropriate for Blót, or Sumble.

I further wish to announce that the following elevated appointments and ordinations have been fully implemented as of 27, Harvest 2257 RE (8/27/07 CE):

Harvald Odinson Jones, 1519-CGDC – Court of Gothar HNO/Deputy Chieftain and Court Gothi, Sons of Odin, 1519

T.A. Odinson Walsh, 1519-G-CW – Gothi and Chief Warder for both HNO and Sons of Odin, 1519

Magnus Odinson Cain, 1519-G – Gothi of both HNO and Sons of Odin, 1519 and Co-Director of Prison Ministries for both orders

Vidar U. Odinson Harless, 1519-G – Gothi of both HNO and Sons of Odin, 1519 and Co-Director of Prison Ministries for both orders

Well then. I wish you both Frith ok Wunjo as well as the blessings of our Gods.

Megi Allfather Odin blessi thig alle, ok fara meth Odin!

Though I find myself short of personal time often since I took on this responsibility of Allsherjargothi of the HOLY NATION OF ODIN, Inc., it is both a privilege and genuine honor to serve your spiritual needs. May Odin continue to bless me and my holy work and grant me victory in service to both Gods and folk, that I may not fail any of you…

I remain then, as always, in honorable service to the Gods and Folk of the HOLY NATION OF ODIN. Heil Allfather Odin! And Heil the Holy Gods of the Aryan Tribes in his venerable name!

In Frith and in Fraternal Solidarity with thee…

Ek Einherjar,

Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell, 1519-CCG



And Sons of Odin, 1519-Vinland

PS… We have fallen a bit behind as Linda fully settles in. So please be patient with our lack of timeliness, it’s a temporary thing.