Guilt: What is it good for?

Harvald Odinson Jones, 1519-CGDC


To answer the question -absolutely nothing!

Unless you have a hidden addenda of forcing people to do what ever you want. I am the first to admit that whoever thought of using guilt to achieve their goal was an evil genius. For a church to use it for religious purposes or spirituality was/is just evil in its self. If you look at quilt as a magical fetter, it’s a good one. You would have to ask Odin for help on how to loosen such magic and/or Thor to give you the strength to break that chain.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to go out and do what ever you want and that you shouldn’t feel any type of remorse. But guilt is a long way from remorse. I think that remorse is a great thing. For if you and I didn’t have it, how would we be able to tell the difference between honorable and dishonorable actions? Remorse is a great teaching tool for what not to do. Guilt is a great tool for hanging something over yours or someone else’s head and then beating them (or yourself) into submission.

Our ancestors, who believed in the northern Gods, would have never even thought of the concept of guilt. They believed in Ørlog, and that what you did came back to you. Also, in Hamingja, mental abilities, honor, their fetch, health, their very essence.

If you look in the dictionary, the word guilt or gilt (Middle English) didn’t come into being until right before the year 1000 CE, after the Christians and their alien beliefs had a firm foot hold on the necks of our folk. Then they started using guilt, the great fetter, to hold fast their alien beliefs to our ancestors and force them to do things that they wouldn’t have even thought of just a short time before.

The thing about Guilt is that its strength is also its weakness. What I mean is that, is that it all depends on the individual. Two people could do the very same thing, but depending on how strongly against each feels about that action, it could be only a five pound weight or a half ton anchor. It’s all on the individual.

My first lesson taught to me as an Odinist was that guilt was/is a useless emotion. Once I learned and understood that fully, there was no turning back.

So my brothers and sisters, if there’s a weight that you are carrying, do what you have to, to make it right to whomever and then move on. If for whatever reason you can’t but you tired, take your sword and cut those ropes and leave the weight behind.