Ek Oðinsónar

Viðar U. Odinson Harless, 1519-CG


As a young man, for all intents and purposes, I was LOST. Not in the way that so many use the word, but in a profoundly personal way; where who I was seemed no longer to exist, and the only roads before me gave me chills. Even after I was awakened to the oath of my ancestors, now known as “Odinism,” I felt a distinct absence of discipline and structure in my life. I seared high and low for a cause to devote myself to, the Racial Movement, as an Independent skinhead, and in anti-drug activism. These endeavors, while certainly worthy, were a wreck waiting to happen in prison. I fought for many years alone for Odinist religious programs, in two different prisons and, with what little I had, this was my life. Later, I came to co-found Múllǽkr Kindred of Ione, California, and was honored to serve two years as its Hargoði. Still, I felt as if everything in my life was fluid and unstable. What was missing seemed to elude me.

Upon hearing of the Sons of Odin 1519, I somehow felt drawn to an Order of honor, for honor’s sake. This, I KNEW with all my heart, was where I belonged. Alas, circumstances beyond my control proved to keep me, temporarily, from the Oder. So it was that, when the consequences of my battles, both legal and spiritual, weighed heaviest upon me, I was honored to be inducted as an Apprentice/Apprentice Goði of the Sons of Odin 1519 – Vinland Kindred. I actually proved to be one of the last “incarcerated” apprentices, as well as one of the few to keep troth from the last Ættr. The reasons are multitudinous, but ultimately, I owe a debt of loyalty and honor to this Holy Oder and Nation, for having changed my life so profoundly.

                       Hear thou, Lóddfáfnir,              and heed it well,
                       learn it,                                   ‘twill lend thee strength,
                       follow it,                                 ‘twill further thee:
                       the first be not                         with a friend to break,
                                    who was faithful found to thee;
                       for sorrow eateth                     the soul of him
                                    who may not unburden his mind.
                                             -Poetic Edda: Havámal, st. 121

Originally, and as now, I felt a great sense of honor in being a Son of Odin, 1519, and serving the Holy Nation of Odin, Inc., in the role of the Goðar. Whereas I was answerable only to myself, and my own honor, I made my decisions accordingly, to immature and often selfish desires, for power and respect. Now, the simplest of deeds, even words, were contributive to the honor of a noble Order of men, and indeed and entire Nation, who placed their trust in me. The consciousness of this paradigm shift brought the full scope of personal responsibility, of duty, home to me in a manner I had never known; not truly.

The Oder also instilled in me a greater discipline, in the entirety of my psycho-physical complex. We both espouse, and practice, many personal privations, exercises in devotion, and an unwavering obedience to the laws of our Allfather, the honor of ourselves and beloved Folk, and out future. Many will grant lip-service to willingness to sacrifice, but very few willingly sacrifice on a daily basis, not only in evidence, but in maintenance of this READY willingness. We are among this few. Discipline, or rather the ready subordination of one’s will towards a greater purpose, such as the Fourteen Word, encourages deeper spiritual devotion. I have personally felt this principle in my life, as the extant of the “spiritual” has found union with the material :V: . From the Fundamentalist weltanschauung of our Holy Oder, we KNOW, beyond all doubt, that our relationship to the Allfather Odin, and the Godanum, is one of the BLOOD; the sacred bond of spirit and matter…it is eternal truth.

Here it becomes important to understand that the Sacred Order of a Sons of Odin 1519 promotes an ‘evolving spirituality,’ and remains always dedicated to ingenious methodologies in service to the doctrinal ideal. While maintaining a strict code of moral and traditional ethics, we also remain innovative and receptive to the multi versal flow of spiritual power, to knowledge, and wisdom, the narrowness of the Odinic Awakening at present, nor the false alternative of “universalism,” truly serves the weal of our folk community; a weal for which we accept responsibility.

In the end, becoming 1519, and serving the Holy Nation of Odin, Inc., was the fulfillment of my destiny, the embracing of what the Nornir had woven for me at birth. The honors, the blessing, have been manifold, as have been the opportunities for victory, both subjective and objective. I have learned of the true hypocrisy of half-measures, and the utterly falsity of half-truths. My resolve, and ultimate virtue, I owe to my 1519 brothers of the Order, the Clan of the Owl (Ása-Úgla-Sippé), the family of our Holy Nation, and the holy progenitors of our Folk.

It is difficult to explain just how the Sons of Odin, 1519, and the Holy Nation of Odin, has grown since I came to serve within their hallowed ranks. Whereas, at it’s birth, the Sons of Odic 1519 was essentially a “brotherhood” of Odinic warriors, it has now emerged as a formative Order of honor, comprised primarily of Goðar, dedicated to the advancement of the Holy Nation of our Allfather Odin. It represents a stalwart organization; a religious institution of an uncompromising nature. We have gone the way of many great forbearers; just as the Ásatrú Folk Assembly was born of the fabled Viking Brotherhood; just as the Odinist Fellowship was born of a humble study-group.

What many people fail to see it that the outreach ministry, that is the Holy Nation of Odin, Inc., was established by the Sons of Odin 1519 in the wake of the dishonor and turmoil of the Temple of Wotan’s collapse as a Trú organization. Since that time, out principle organ, Gúngnír, has grown to serve as a veritable canon of Odinic spiritual literature. We have established ourselves online, as a leading voice in fundamentalist Odinism, and worked towards building, or rather “rebuilding” the Allfather’s Holy Nation, according to His divine design.

“Odin is the highest and most ancient of the Æsir. He rules all things, and mighty as the other Gods are, yet they all submit to Him like children to their father.”
-Prose Edda; Gýlfaginning 20

Where we have grown too fast, in our recent “boom-years,” we have tightened ranks, culled the weak-willed, and forced our egos either tamed, or exiled. Only those who unequivocally adhere to our rigorous standards of honor and integrity remain, or will be admitted to the 1519 Order. The importance of character, iron-willed honor, and fastidious virtue can never be forgotten in this process. In this vein, I have seen the Order reaffirm a commitment to quality over quantity, in every aspect of its endeavors.

We have at every step sought greater ties with other Folkish organizations and Folk. Of great pride to us is our associations with Ron McVan and the Sons of Albion, the Honorable Drighten/Martyr David Lane, and other Silent Brothers, the Sisterhood of the Fourteen Words and countless Trú Folk who place their lots in our ranks, as Folk of the Holy Nation of Odin, Inc. However, more than simply amassing a list of people and groups with our own, the Sons of Odin 1519, through the Holy Nation of Odin., Inc., has established fundamentalism in Odinist vocabularies, and raised it to a prominence never before imagined. This also speaks to the importance of our Holy Order and Nation to the future of our faith and Folk.

There has been, for far too long, a severe lack of spiritual institutions willing to embrace the “politically incorrect” ideals which make up the core of what our faith IS. Many have fallen upon their knees before incredulous public scrutiny, fearing labels such as “racist,” among others. Well, this is not who we are. The Holy Nation of Odin was founded by an Order of “warrior” priests, not “compromising” ones, and we shall never change our nature, nor dishonor our Father, simply to be “accepted” by modernity. The Allfather will cause our victory, or call us to eternal service, according to His will, because we stand firm upon His laws. We are what we purport to be; what our Folk community NEEDS today: a religious institution, devoted to both our faith AND our Folk, in DEEDS, not just words.

The Trú vision of the future can no longer be limited, as it has remained for so long; it must be as wide as Víthi, the domain of Ása-Viðar, with the wisdom and foresight of Mimír and the Allmother. So, if I must describe for you just what the Sons of Odin 1519, and the Holy Nation of Odin are to me…I can only say that we are the keepers of the sacred flame, a divine spark, a torch to light the way for Aryan posterity. By the will of man, submitted to the Allfather Odin’s, our victory is inevitable. Farr með Oðinn, ok megi Hínn blessi þig.