Addictive Personality

Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell, 1519-CCG

Allsherjargothi, HOLY NATION OF ODIN, INC.

When one hears the phrase; 'addictive behavior', one's mind most likely conjures the notion of an individual who suffers from an addiction to some form of narcotics, chiefly speaking, and then perhaps one whom suffers a penchant for gambling, overeating, consuming alcohol, etc., thereafter. And while I surmise that this would probably be the overwhelming consensus of society, and it would be by far and large, correct, it most certainly would not encompass the breadth of addictive personality in its entirety, or those whom suffer the effects thereof.

Addictive personalities and behavior are a component of human nature which the vast majority of us succumb to, to one degree or another, and most would vehemently deny this. But any honest self examination would reveal the reality of the matter.

Most addictions exist in such a minute forum and state of socially acceptable normal behavior so that few laymen readily recognize them as such. But upon closer scrutiny, one may begin to descry several identifiable charac­teristics which fit easily into the criteria of addictive behavior and person­alities. To illustrate my study of the human condition and bring my point to bear regarding this service, I direct your attention to three certain types of addictive personalities. The first type (Type A) of people demonstrates a propensity for seeking out and forging detrimental relationships and friendships. Others of Type A are attracted to and gravitate towards high drama and controversial social circles. Type A is therefore addicted to crisis, whether it is in the capacity of the participant or the spectator. The second type (Type B) of people exhibits an authority or elitist attitude and usually suffers from superiority complex in concert with said attitude. Type B therefore may suffer an addiction to ego while the split side of Type B is those whom suffer from inferiority and low self esteem complex, it’s the same addiction. Finally, wherefore this illustration is in regard, there is Type C. Type C people exhibit impulsive behavior and thrive on the presence of danger and threatening circumstances and the adrenalin rush which such behavior produces.

Type C people are addicted to uncertainty. The myriad of addictions are too numerous to catalog here, obviously, in addition to the obvious ones: drugs, food, alcohol, pornography and gambling. What is of importance here is that we endeavor to recognize what constitutes defective, demeaning and destructive behavior associated with addictive personality disorders. Once we have identified these characteristics, we embark upon a journey contrary to the negative behavior which we have espoused for so long; both to the detriment of ourselves and our loved ones and to a wider scope, our faith/folk community at large.

Lenting (March) is the season tide of the Spring Equinox and the Goddess of the season of renewal, rebirth and regeneration, "Ostara." Fresh starts abound during this bountiful time of rejuvenation which expresses itself most visibly in nature as the fertile fields of Mother Jord (Earth) explode in a riot of magnificent and brilliant colors! Such reminders of new life are Ostara's way of gently reminding us of her glorious gift to and within each of us... The ability to discard and shed the dead, negative, tired, obsolete and detrimental factors in our own nature, and replace them with the new, fresh, healthy and conducive positives which exclaim; "I say yes to life!"

By adopting such a healthy attitude, we demonstrate our appreciation and gratitude to the Goddess of renewal, her joyous season and most significantly, we alter poor judgment and behavior and replace it with psychological, emotio­nal and spiritual perspectives which are ad rem to our state of sound mental health and well being. This will not only enrich our own personal lives, but also the lives of those entwined with us, in the immediate sense in addition to the entire faith/folk community in the grander scheme of prosp­erity and spiritual advancement.

May the holy Goddesses, Ostara, Fir, Frigga and Freya bless you all!

(Perform a Blot to Ostara, or Frigga and the Summer Finding, and meditate) (upon positive alterations, renewals and rebirths in the self.)

I remain in service to the Gods and Folk of the Holy Nation of Odin.

In Frith with thee always.

“Mastery of the healthy self requires compatibility between one's virtues and one's actions. Whereby it is the natural inclination of strength to despise weakness, one must learn to evict that which is incompatible with the mastery of the self. " -- Casper Odinson Crowell, Ph.D.